Manuscript critique
Price: From USD$1000, determined by word count.

I usually recommend this as a first step in the editing process. A critique can give you invaluable information to enhance and improve your book. You can undertake a manuscript critique even if your book is not yet complete – use the critique to work on the story, to ensure it is building well and to improve any elements that may be lacking.
I offer a full, comprehensive, in-depth critique (usually 5 – 10 pages) that will give you detailed notes on;
* Conflict; e.g. is there an overarching conflict present in the story that is key to the premise and grows to a climax and resolution?
* Plot; e.g. does the overall plot come across clearly in the novel?
* Pacing; e.g. how does the pacing of the story feel?
* Tension; e.g. is tension created at the outset of the book?
* Settings/locations; e.g. does the author portray a believable, interesting setting that draws the reader in?
* Point of View; e.g. is there only one POV character in each scene and is their voice distinct from all other POVs?
* Voice; e.g. does the overall tone and style of the writing work well for the story?
* Characters; e.g. does each character have depth and are these brought out clearly in the story?
* Dialogue; e.g. does each characters’ speech and style of talking fit their personality?

Structural editing / substantive editing / developmental editing
Price: From USD$0.06 per word, determined by what is required of the manuscript.

If you’ve got a great story but you’re not sure how to put it together, you may benefit from structural editing. The focus won’t be on any grammatical errors or the like, but instead will be on the content and the structure, character development, dialogue, how the story flows and is organised. Structural editing is the process of checking content, structure, flow, style, clarity and consistency. It involves the full manuscript critique as detailed above, and also includes comprehensive notes on what you’ve written, what could be deleted, and reworking the text to ensure it flows well (10 – 15 pages). I also offer ghostwriting services if you’re interested in building your novel to reach a higher word count.

Copyediting / line editing
Price: From USD$0.04 per word, determined by the level of editing required.

This is a crucial stage of editing, involving a detailed scrutiny and analysis of your work, correcting things like spelling, grammar, punctuation and continuation errors. This is a line by line edit that edits for consistency, accuracy and clarity, and also involves any comments on the book. The level of editing required for your book may vary, depending on how well it has been written, so often I will need to see the manuscript before I can quote a fee for copyediting.

Price: From USD$0.02, determined by the level of editing required.

Proofreading often gets mistaken for copyediting. This stage of editing normally only takes place once copyediting has been completed and the work has been placed in page proofs, prior to being sent to the printers. However, I offer a proofreading service that is essentially a simplified copyedit for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. This can either be undertaken if the work is very clean and only requires a very light edit, or you can opt for a final proofread after the copyediting service to clear up any final, lingering errors.

Teachers’ reports, students’ essays, dissertations, theses, etc.
Price: Please contact me for a quote.
I have a background in English Literature, however, I have also studied Philosophy, Gender Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, and I have many other interests in the educational and academic fields. I have been editing academic material for over ten years and currently work with two reputable companies on student essays and dissertations. I can offer quick turnaround times and a thorough, accurate service for editing these materials. Please contact me for a quote as my rates vary depending on a number of factors; word count, level of editing required and expected turnaround time.