Local editor dispels myth about self-published authors

Article featured in the Monthly Chronicle

Somehow, Tanya Natalie and her father have crammed 35,000 books into their store, The Bookplate, to sell.

It’s a number competing with the amount of books in Dymocks in Sydney, which was reviewed as the largest bookstore in Australia.

While managing a weekly newsletter, the other 15,000 books that are “in storage”, and a catalogue of all the books in the shop, Tanya astonishingly also runs a freelance editing business and has been mentoring authors since 2004.

“There are many myths about self-publishing that I disagree with,” she said.

“I want local authors to embrace that even if they’re not published with a big brand, they have still produced a work of art, which is something to be incredibly proud of.’’

“I’m in awe of the works I’ve been lucky enough to edit by local and global writers, there is serious talent out there.”

Tanya is currently in the middle of editing a local writer’s romance novel and said the emotional vulnerability a writer exposes when they share their work with her is admirable.

“Writing is very personal, and when self-publishing, a writer has an element of control over their work, which they may not be afforded as much by traditional publishing houses.”

Iconic self-published novels include The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Eragon, The Martian, and Ulysses.

The Bookplate opens every day from 11am, closing at 6pm (5pm on weekends) and several reading chairs are available for bookworms to take their time when choosing a book to buy.

For more information visit https://tanyanatalie.com.au/.

Tanya has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from the University of Sydney and a Diploma of Book Editing & Publishing from Macleay College.

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